Scoring Summary


1stM Cabrera homered to left center, J Pierre and I Rodriguez scored.30
2ndD Miller grounded out to third, E Karros scored, A Gonzalez to third.31
2ndK Wood homered to left center, A Gonzalez scored.33
3rdM Alou homered to left, S Sosa scored.35
5thI Rodriguez doubled to left, B Banks scored, L Castillo to third.45
5thM Cabrera grounded out to first, L Castillo scored, I Rodriguez to third.55
5thD Lee singled to right, I Rodriguez scored.65
6thL Castillo reached on infield single to pitcher, J Conine scored, J Pierre to second.75
7thA Gonzalez doubled to left center, M Lowell and J Conine scored, A Gonzalez out stretching at third.95
7thT O'Leary homered to right.96
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