Scoring Summary

3rdBellinger singled to deep left, Turner scored, Bellinger out at second on runner's fielder's choice.10
3rdHampson reached on bunt single to first, Owings scored.11
3rdFuentes singled to left center, Hampson scored.12
5thLux singled to right, Bellinger scored.22
5thTapia grounded out to second, Owings scored, Hampson to third.23
5thHampson scored on error, Fuentes safe at first on fielding error by shortstop Seager.24
6thTurner hit sacrifice fly to center, Kershaw scored.34
6thMuncy singled to right, Betts scored, Seager thrown out at third.44
6thOwings singled to shallow center, Cron scored, Díaz to third.45
6thTapia reached on infield single to shortstop, Owings scored, Daza to second.46
7thBlackmon scored on Nelson wild pitch, Cron to third on wild pitch by Nelson.47
7thCron scored on Nelson wild pitch.48
8thSeager singled to left center, McKinstry scored.58