Scoring Summary

1stWalsh singled to right, Ohtani scored, Trout to third.10
1stLowe homered to right (428 feet), Calhoun scored and Gallo scored.13
1stDahl hit sacrifice fly to right, García scored.14
2ndOhtani doubled to right, Fletcher scored and J. Iglesias scored.34
2ndTrout singled to left, Ohtani scored.44
3rdUpton homered to left (412 feet).54
3rdPujols homered to center (425 feet).64
3rdTrout doubled to deep left, Suzuki scored, Fletcher to third.74
6thWalsh doubled to deep center, Ohtani scored, Trout to third.84
7thJ. Iglesias homered to left center (409 feet).94