Scoring Summary

1stStewart singled to center, Mullins scored.01
2ndGonzalez doubled to deep right center, Vázquez scored on throwing error by right fielder Stewart.11
2ndRenfroe singled to center, Gonzalez scored.21
2ndChavis homered to left center (381 feet), Renfroe scored.41
2ndGalvis homered to left (350 feet).42
3rdVázquez singled to center, Bogaerts scored, Vázquez to second, Devers to third.52
3rdDalbec singled to left, Devers scored and Vázquez scored.72
4thDevers grounded into fielder's choice to first, Verdugo scored, Bogaerts out at second, Martinez to third.82
4thVázquez singled to left, Martinez scored, Devers to second.92
6thBogaerts homered to left (414 feet), Martinez scored.112
6thMancini doubled to shallow left, Hays scored.113
6thUrías singled to right, Mancini scored, Stewart to second.114
9thHays reached on infield single to first, Franco scored and Ruiz scored, Mullins to third.116