Scoring Summary


1stMcCutchen homered to right center (390 feet), Segura scored, Realmuto scored and Harper scored.40
2ndSegura singled to left, Jankowski scored on fielding error by left fielder Pederson, Segura to second.50
2ndHoskins doubled to center, Segura scored and Realmuto scored, Harper to third.70
3rdPederson doubled to deep right, Alcántara scored, Ortega to third.71
3rdBryant singled to left, Ortega scored, Pederson to third.72
3rdBáez hit sacrifice fly to center, Pederson scored.73
4thHarper hit a ground rule double to right, Segura scored, Realmuto to third.83
4thHoskins hit sacrifice fly to right, Realmuto scored, Harper to third.93
6thBáez homered to left center (422 feet).94
7thHoskins homered to left (418 feet).104
7thSegura singled to left, Bohm scored and Jankowski scored, Miller to second.124
7thHarper homered to right (394 feet), Miller scored and Segura scored.154
7thPederson singled to right, Marisnick scored, Pederson to second.155
7thBáez homered to center (408 feet), Pederson scored.157
8thHapp doubled to left, Heyward scored.158
8thMarisnick hit sacrifice fly to center, Happ scored.159
9thChirinos homered to center (444 feet).1510
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