43-92, 24-48 away
78-58, 40-27 home

Scoring Summary

2ndHays homered to left (371 feet).10
2ndSánchez homered to left (430 feet), Voit scored, Torres scored and Odor scored.14
4thMateo hit sacrifice fly to left, Urías scored.24
5thRizzo singled to center, LeMahieu scored, Gallo to third.25
6thMullins homered to right (363 feet), Gutierrez scored.45
6thSánchez homered to left (423 feet), Torres scored.47
7thJones doubled to deep right, Mancini scored and Stewart scored, Hays to third.67
7thMateo singled to right center, Hays scored, Jones to third.77
7thGutierrez singled to left, Jones scored, Mateo to second.87