Scoring Summary

2ndBader homered to right (386 feet).10
3rdContreras doubled to deep center, Alcántara scored.11
3rdHapp singled to center, Contreras scored, Happ to second.12
4thO'Neill homered to left (412 feet).22
4thContreras singled to center, Bote scored, Sampson to second, Alcántara to third.23
4thHapp walked, Alcántara scored, Contreras to second, Sampson to third.24
7thBader singled to left, Arenado scored, Molina to second.34
7thNootbaar singled to left center, Molina scored, Bader to third.44
7thDeJong hit sacrifice fly to center, Bader scored.54
9thNootbaar struck out, Bader scored on Nance wild pitch, Nootbaar to first on wild pitch by Nance.64
9thDeJong homered to center (425 feet), Nootbaar scored.84
9thHapp homered to center (445 feet).85