Scoring Summary


1stBuxton homered to left center (433 feet).01
1stPolanco homered to center (421 feet).02
3rdRamírez grounded into fielder's choice to second, Mercado scored, Straw out at second, Hedges to third.12
5thHedges homered to left (406 feet).22
5thArraez grounded into double play, second to shortstop to first, Jeffers scored, Buxton out at second, Lewis to third.23
5thKepler singled to left, Lewis scored, Polanco to second.24
5thSánchez homered to center (426 feet), Polanco scored and Kepler scored.27
5thLewis homered to left (395 feet), Urshela scored, Gordon scored and Jeffers scored.211
6thMercado homered to center (411 feet), Giménez scored.411
7thRamírez singled to left center, Straw scored.511
7thRosario tripled to right, Ramírez scored.611
8thKepler hit sacrifice fly to left, Buxton scored, Arraez to third.612
9thGiménez homered to right (393 feet), Rosario scored.812
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