Scoring Summary


1stJiménez grounded into fielder's choice to second, Robert scored, Grandal out at second, Abreu to third.10
2ndTucker singled to left center, Gurriel scored, Correa to second.11
2ndMcCormick hit sacrifice fly to left, Correa scored, Tucker to third.12
5thRobert singled to left, García scored, Anderson to third.22
5thAbreu singled to center, Anderson scored, Robert to second.32
5thGrandal hit sacrifice fly to left, Robert scored.42
5thGurriel singled to center, Altuve scored and Bregman scored, Alvarez to second.44
7thAlvarez singled to center, Altuve scored, Bregman to second.45
7thCorrea doubled to deep right, Alvarez scored and Bregman scored.47
7thTucker homered to left (374 feet), Correa scored.49
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