Scoring Summary

1stJiménez singled to center, Anderson scored, Grandal to second.01
2ndTucker doubled to deep right center, Correa scored and Alvarez scored.21
2ndMeyers singled to left, Tucker scored.31
3rdTucker homered to left (363 feet), Correa scored.51
3rdGrandal homered to left (359 feet), Robert scored.53
3rdGarcía homered to center (436 feet), Moncada scored and Sheets scored.56
4thBregman singled to center, Altuve scored, Brantley to second.66
4thAbreu singled to shallow center, Anderson scored, Robert to third.67
4thGrandal grounded into fielder's choice to first, Robert scored on error, Abreu to second, Abreu safe at third on throwing error by first baseman Gurriel.68
4thJiménez reached on infield single to third, Abreu scored, Grandal to second.69
8thVaughn doubled to left, Moncada scored.610
8thGarcía doubled to left, Vaughn scored.611
8thAnderson singled to shallow center, García scored, Hernandez to second.612