Scoring Summary

2ndVázquez singled to right, Verdugo scored, Renfroe to second, Martinez to third.01
2ndArroyo grounded into fielder's choice to second, Martinez scored, Vázquez safe at second on fielding error by second baseman Altuve, Renfroe to third.02
2ndSchwarber homered to right (430 feet), Renfroe scored, Vázquez scored and Arroyo scored.06
3rdVázquez singled to shallow left center, Renfroe scored.07
3rdArroyo homered to left (399 feet), Vázquez scored.09
4thTucker homered to right (413 feet), Brantley scored and Alvarez scored.39
6thMartinez homered to left (395 feet), Devers scored.311
8thDevers homered to left (372 feet).312