Scoring Summary


2ndAdolfo homered to right, Céspedes scored and Collins scored.03
3rdLamb homered to right.13
3rdBarnes homered to right, Muncy scored.33
4thRomero singled to center, Lux scored, Ríos to second.43
4thAdolfo hit sacrifice fly to left, Harrison scored.44
4thAnderson singled to center, Collins scored, Anderson to second, Basabe to third.45
4thSmith Jr. hit sacrifice fly to right, Basabe scored, Anderson to third.46
6thMcKinstry singled to shallow left, Ríos scored, J. Martin to third.56
7thGonzález singled to shallow right center, Mercedes scored and Remillard scored, González out stretching at second.58
8thBurns homered to left.68
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