Scoring Summary


1stStanton singled to right center, Bader scored, Rizzo to third.01
1stTorres singled to center, Rizzo scored, Stanton to second.02
2ndRizzo doubled to left, Kiner-Falefa scored, Judge to third.03
3rdPeña homered to left (408 feet), Maldonado scored and Altuve scored.33
3rdGurriel singled to right, Alvarez scored, Tucker to second.43
4thRizzo singled to center, Bader scored.44
6thBader homered to left (378 feet).45
7thAlvarez singled to right, Altuve scored, Peña to third.55
7thBregman singled to right center, Peña scored, Alvarez to second.65
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