Scoring Summary


1stMachado homered to left (379 feet).10
1stDrury doubled to deep right, Cronenworth scored and Bell scored.30
1stKim singled to left center, Drury scored.40
1stHoskins homered to left (384 feet), Schwarber scored.42
1stHarper doubled to deep right center, Realmuto scored.43
4thStott singled to left, Castellanos scored, Stott out stretching at second.44
5thSoto homered to right (383 feet), Profar scored.64
5thHoskins homered to left center (417 feet), Schwarber scored.66
5thHarper doubled to center, Realmuto scored.67
5thCastellanos singled to center, Harper scored.68
6thSchwarber homered to center (429 feet).69
7thRealmuto homered to left (378 feet).610
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