Scoring Summary


1stMcCutchen homered to left center (372 feet).10
1stRodríguez homered to right center (383 feet).11
2ndTrammell singled to center, Raleigh scored.12
4thSantana homered to right (351 feet).22
5thReynolds tripled to left, Hedges scored and McCutchen scored.42
5thSuwinski homered to center (417 feet), Reynolds scored.62
5thHayes homered to left (353 feet).72
5thRodríguez singled to center, Crawford scored and Wong scored, France to third.74
6thReynolds singled to left, Bae scored.84
7thSuwinski homered to right center (445 feet).94
7thMarcano homered to right (377 feet).104
7thCrawford homered to right (393 feet), Wong scored.106
8thReynolds homered to right (403 feet).116
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