Scoring Summary


4thAdames tripled to right, Adames scored on throwing error by first baseman LeMahieu and Canha scored.20
4thVolpe singled to left, Torres scored, Stanton to second.21
4thPeraza grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Stanton scored, Pereira to second, Volpe to third.22
8thTaylor homered to left (348 feet).32
8thCanha singled to left, Frelick scored, Santana to second, Contreras to third.42
8thCaratini hit sacrifice fly to right, Santana scored.52
9thContreras singled to center, Taylor scored and Turang scored, Frelick to second.72
9thCaratini walked, Frelick scored, Canha to second, Contreras to third.82
9thMonasterio walked, Contreras scored, Caratini to second, Canha to third.92
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