Scoring Summary


1stSantander doubled to right, Henderson scored.10
1stSantander scored on Bieber wild pitch.20
1stCalhoun doubled to right, Kwan scored, J. Naylor to third.21
1stGiménez hit sacrifice fly to right, J. Naylor scored, Calhoun to third.22
2ndStraw singled to center, Brennan scored.23
3rdHenderson doubled to right, Urías scored.33
3rdRutschman grounded into fielder's choice to pitcher, Henderson scored on throwing error by pitcher Bieber, Rutschman second.43
3rdSantander singled to center, Rutschman scored.53
4thRamírez singled to center, Bo Naylor scored, Straw to third.54
4thJ. Naylor grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Straw scored, Ramírez to second, Ramírez safe at third on fielding error by shortstop Henderson.55
4thCalhoun hit sacrifice fly to right, Ramírez scored.56
7thSantander singled to left, Henderson scored, Rutschman to second, Santander to second, Rutschman safe at third on throwing error by left fielder Kwan.66
7thBrennan singled to right, J. Naylor scored, Giménez to third.67
9thHicks doubled to left, McKenna scored and O'Hearn scored.87
9thFry doubled to center, Brennan scored and Giménez scored.89
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