Scoring Summary


1stGrossman grounded into double play, third to second to first, Semien scored, Seager out at second.10
1stDrury homered to left (411 feet), Grichuk scored and Neto scored.13
4thEscobar grounded out to third, O'Hoppe scored, Adell to second.14
5thNeto hit sacrifice fly to right, Fletcher scored, Grichuk to third.15
5thGrichuk scored on Stratton wild pitch.16
5thEscobar grounded out to first, Drury scored, Adell to second, O'Hoppe to third.17
5thStefanic singled to right, O'Hoppe scored and Adell scored.19
9thJ. Smith homered to right center (374 feet), Hedges scored.39
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