Scoring Summary


1stChisholm Jr. singled to right, Soler scored, Bell to second.10
2ndGonzales sacrificed, Rodríguez scored, Gonzales to first on throwing error by pitcher Soriano, Gonzales to second, Bae to third.11
3rdChisholm Jr. homered to right center (380 feet).21
5thRodríguez singled to center, Hayes scored.22
6thSoler grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Berti scored, Hampson third.32
6thBell hit sacrifice fly to right, Hampson scored.42
8thBell doubled to center, Berti scored and Soler scored.62
8thReynolds singled to right, Gonzales scored, Triolo to second.63
9thDe La Cruz singled to right, Chisholm Jr. scored.73
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