Scoring Summary


4thBellinger homered to right center (378 feet), Muncy scored.02
5thKiermaier homered to right (382 feet).12
5thMuncy grounded into fielder's choice to first, Betts scored, Seager third.13
5thSmith singled to center, Seager scored, Muncy to third.14
5thTaylor singled to left center, Muncy scored, Smith to second.15
5thHernández singled to left, Smith scored, Taylor to second.16
6thBetts homered to right (349 feet).17
6thMuncy doubled to deep right center, Turner scored.18
7thBrosseau singled to right, Margot scored, Wendle to third.28
7thKiermaier singled to right, Wendle scored, Brosseau to second.38
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