Scoring Summary


1stTurner homered to center (420 feet).10
3rdSeager homered to right (411 feet).20
4thArozarena homered to right (399 feet).21
5thMuncy singled to deep right, Seager scored, Muncy thrown out at second.31
5thRenfroe homered to left (444 feet).32
6thHernández doubled to left, Smith scored, Pollock to third.42
6thLowe homered to left center (399 feet), Arozarena scored and Choi scored.45
7thPederson singled to right, Seager scored and Turner scored, Bellinger thrown out at third.65
7thKiermaier homered to right (426 feet).66
8thSeager singled to left center, Taylor scored.76
9thPhillips singled to right center, Arozarena scored on error by catcher Smith and Kiermaier scored on error, Phillips safe at second on fielding error by center fielder Taylor.78
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