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Kobe Bryant
AP Photo/Kevork Djansezian
The up-for-grabs MVP trophy was awarded to Kobe Bryant.
Big-time Blowout
The midseason classic in Vegas ended with a dominating 153-132 win for the West. Kobe led the West with 31 points. Story | Grades

null Caple: Hardwood Sweet's intrepid road warrior Jim Caple, stops in Vegas to check out the Maloof's b-ball suite.

Shane Battier Bucher: Sixth annual All-Quasar Team
Ric Bucher names the sixth annual All-Quasar Team -- his squad of the most underappreciated players.

null Hollinger: Flawed All-Star reserve process Insider
John Hollinger explains why the selection process for All-Star reserves often thwarts the intent of coaches.

Michael Redd Weekend Dime: Filling out the All-Star rosters
Marc Stein plays coach and picks his All-Star reserves for each conference.

Tim Duncan Hollinger: My Western Conference All-Star team Insider
John Hollinger names his West All-Star starters and subs ... and those who just missed the cut.

null Hollinger: My Eastern Conference All-Star team Insider
John Hollinger names his East All-Star starters and subs ... and those who missed the cut.

Dwyane Wade Walton: My All-Star picks Insider
Bill Walton picks his All-Star teams for each conference. Check out who made the cut.

null Bourssard: My All-Star team Insider
Chris Broussard picks his All-Stars and has an idea about the voting process.

null Podcast: Mark Jackson's picks Insider
Mark Jackson names his All-Stars and ranks the top 10 point guards of all time in their prime.

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All-Star Weekend Schedule
Dr. Jack Ramsay gets up close and personal with the game's superstars.

LeBron | D-Wade | Dirk | Carmelo
Nash | Arenas | J-Kidd | Parker | Rip
KG | Shaq | T-Mac/Yao | Bosh
East Starters
Dwyane Wade G Heat 3rd All-Star Game
Gilbert Arenas G Wizards 3rd All-Star Game
LeBron James F Cavs 3rd All-Star Game
Chris Bosh F Raptors 2nd All-Star Game
Shaquille O'Neal C Heat 14th All-Star Game
East Reserves
Caron Butler F Wizards 1st All-Star Game
Dwight Howard F Magic 1st All-Star Game
Chauncey Billups G Pistons 2nd All-Star Game
Richard Hamilton G Pistons 2nd All-Star Game
Jason Kidd* G Nets 8th All-Star Game
Vince Carter F Nets 8th All-Star Game
Jermaine O'Neal C Pacers 6th All-Star Game
Joe Johnson** G Hawks 1st All-Star Game
West Starters
Kobe Bryant G Lakers 9th All-Star Game
Tracy McGrady G Rockets 7th All-Star Game
Kevin Garnett F Timberwolves 10th All-Star Game
Tim Duncan F Spurs 9th All-Star Game
Yao Ming* C Rockets 5th All-Star Game
West Reserves
Steve Nash* G Suns 5th All-Star Game
Shawn Marion F Suns 4th All-Star Game
Amaré Stoudemire C Suns 2nd All-Star Game
Carlos Boozer* F Jazz 1st All-Star Game
Allen Iverson* G Nuggets 8th All-Star Game
Dirk Nowitzki F Mavericks 6th All-Star Game
Tony Parker G Spurs 2nd All-Star Game
Carmelo Anthony** F Nuggets 1st All-Star Game
Josh Howard** F Mavericks 1st All-Star Game
Ray Allen** G SuperSonics 7th All-Star Game
Mehmet Okur** C Jazz 1st All-Star Game
* Out with injuries
** Injury replacements
Rookie Challenge
Rookie Roster Sophomore Roster
Andrea Bargnani Raptors Andrew Bogut Bucks
Jordan Farmar Lakers Andrew Bynum Lakers
Randy Foye Wolves Monta Ellis Warriors
Jorge Garbajosa Raptors Raymond Felton Bobcats
Rudy Gay Grizzlies Danny Granger Pacers
Paul Millsap Jazz Luther Head Rockets
Adam Morrison Bobcats David Lee Knicks
Brandon Roy Blazers Chris Paul Hornets
Marcus Williams Nets Deron Williams Jazz
All-Star Saturday Participants
Skills Challenge
Kobe Bryant 6-6, 220 Lakers Finished second
LeBron James 6-8, 240 Cavs Finished third
Chris Paul 6-0, 175 Hornets Finished fourth
Dwyane Wade 6-4, 212 Heat 2007 champion
Three-Point Shootout
Gilbert Arenas 6-4, 210 Wizards Finished second
Damon Jones 6-3, 195 Cavaliers Finished fifth
Jason Kapono 6-8, 215 Heat 2007 champion
Mike Miller 6-8, 218 Grizzlies Finished fourth
Dirk Nowitzki 7-0, 245 Mavericks Finished third
Jason Terry 6-2, 180 Mavericks Finished sixth
Slam Dunk Contest
Gerald Green 6-8, 206 Celtics 2007 champion
Dwight Howard 6-11, 265 Magic Finished third
Nate Robinson 5-9, 180 Knicks Finished second
Tyrus Thomas 6-9, 215 Bulls Finished fourth
Shooting Stars Teams
Chicago Ben Gordon/Candice Dupree/Scottie Pippen
Detroit Chauncey Billups/Swin Cash/Bill Laimbeer
Los Angeles Lamar Odom/Temeka Johnson/Michael Cooper
San Antonio Tony Parker/Kendra Wecker/George Gervin