2022 Schedule

2022 Schedule
3rd in Pacific

HR 2: Pretty Big Drop

Last year, Anthony Davis was #2 on ESPN's Top 100 NBA Players, this year he is #9. What happened? Why the big drop? Travis and Sliwa answered the questions. Also, Clippers Owner Steve Ballmer is still talking smack about "taking LA" with his new Intuit Dome. Plus, UFC President Dana White called in to talk about who is UFC's real competition and the Diaz brothers.

NBArank 2021: Ranking the best players for 2021-22, from 5-1 (1:34)

HR 2: Prime Time Coaching

USC Legend Reggie Bush says that USC should consider hiring Deion Sanders as their next head coach, so the guys reacted to the comments and wondered if Deion can cut it. Also, Travis and Sli tasked Funches with a "homework assignment." And, "Fact Or Cap" with questions on the best "Cop Show" and any interests in celebrity couples. Plus, the Lakers are going to Las Vegas for "Camp LeBron."


HR 3: Never Going To Change

Travis is gloating about how Detroit's Jared Goff played on Monday Night Football vs the Green Bay Packers, because he thinks he was right about Goff all along, even when he was in LA. Then, do the Dodgers have a realistic shot of catching the SF Giants for the NL West title? Sli doesn't think the Giants can beat the Dodgers in a series. Also, is it "Championship Or Bust" for the Lakers? And, "The Dump" with a tweet from Blockbuster that didn't age well.


HR 2: The Guy You Love To Hate

Piggy-Backing off the "Funch O' Bunch", the guys started the second hour with the greatest sports villians in history. Then, are the Lakers in good shape with "handing the keys" to LeBron? Also, calls on the the biggest sports villian. And, "Fact Or Cap" with a talk on watching sporting events at movie theaters and dancing at weddings.


HR 2: Not Worried, But Intrigued

The Clippers broke ground on their new arena in Inglewood this morning, so the guys reacted. Travis and Sli are not threated as Lakers fans but are generally "intrigued" by the new Clippers' home. The guys took calls on the topic, especially lots of Lakers fans. Also, "Fact Or Cap" with the question: Are Baseball movies the best sports movies?


HR 3: Changing It Up

Since one of the two best teams in Major League Baseball will be in a Wild Card Play-In Game, is it time to finally change the MLB Playoff Format? The guys discussed. Plus, the still nameless "Travis vs Sliwa vs Caller Picks Segment!" And, how will the Dodgers use Gavin Lux, as they head to the playoffs. Also, more talk on AD maybe or maybe not being a Top 5 NBA player and "The Dump" with NASCAR at the Coliseum!


HR 2: No Guac, Please!

Do you like Guacamole? The crew discussed on National Guacamole Day. And, Bob Stoops and Oregon's Mario Cristobal have been mentioned as possible candidates for the USC job, so the guys reacted to the reports. Also, what is proper movie theater etiquette? Plus, "Fact Or Cap" with a discussion on "Spam Calls," Beach Vacations, and Reality Shows. Then, another name popped up for the USC job and talk on Dennis Schroder's IG posts.


HR 2: Super Bowl Bound Already

Travis already thinks if the Rams can start 3-0 and beat Tampa Bay in Week 3, he has no doubt they are going to the Super Bowl. Sliwa says "not so fast" when it comes to anointing the Rams the NFL's best team after Week 3. And, if you can only put one thing on a double cheeseburger, what would you put on it? Plus, reaction to Carmelo Anthony's apperance on First Take. Also, "Fact Or Cap" with talk on dentist appointments and LeBron catching Kareem.

Carmelo opens up about joining Lakers: 'Now I have to win' (1:49)

HR 2: Fourth Best

With Clayton Kershaw back for the Dodgers, the fellas wondered where he would be in rotation if the Playoffs started today. Also, reaction to the new Lakers purple alternate jersey. Plus, more talk on USC firing Clay Helton and what the next move for the Trojans will be. And, "Fact Or Cap" with talk on the Met Gala and the best TV theme song of all-time. Also, why in the world couldn't the Raiders find their kicker last night in the win against the Ravens.

William Weinbaum ESPN 

Novak Djokovic, a win from the Grand Slam & a record 21st major title, invoked Kobe Bryant, from when the Lakers had a commanding playoff series lead. "He said, ‘Why should I be happy right now? Job is not done,'" recalled Djokovic. "Probably millions of athletes and people around the world have been looking up to him, admiring him. That's kind of an attitude I have. Job is not done. Excitement is there. Motivation is there, without a doubt. Probably more than ever. But I have one more to go."

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Points Per Game109.522nd
Rebounds Per Game44.216th
Assists Per Game24.715th
Points Allowed106.72nd

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