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Steve Young

Page 2 staff

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Former San Francisco 49ers superstar Steve Young retired after the 1999 season due to an overabundance of concussions.

Steve Young
How does Steve Young describe his worst concussion? "Actually, not that bad."
Page 2 wanted to see if all that brain-rattling had negatively affected Young's famously quick mind, so we fired 10 Burning Questions at the NFL's highest-rated quarterback ever.

1. Page 2: Three words to describe your worst concussion?
Young: Ummm ... Actually, not that bad.

1a. That's four and a half.
Young: Not that bad.

2. How will Jerry Rice look in a Raiders uniform?
Young: Jerry always will look nice.

3. What year will we see an NFL team in L.A.?
Young: 2004.

4. How many more Al Davis lawsuits will be filed by then?
Jerry Rice
Steve Young says Jerry Rice would look good in any uniform.
Young: None of substance.

5. You got your law degree in 1994. Has Al Davis ever filed a worthy lawsuit?
Young: I'm sure there have been some.

6. We've been told that you got an "A" in Advance Placement Calculus in high school. Can you recite any formulas for us?
Young: No. Absolutely nothing. The scary thing is I took 12 years of French, and I can barely say, "My name is ..." And that's not because of the concussions.

Al Davis
7. What could you do in the USFL that you couldn't do in the NFL?
Young: Whisper in the huddle. There was no one in the stands, so it was quiet enough.

8. Are you surprised the XFL folded as fast as it did?
Young: Yes. Especially with all that money and TV behind it. It had to be very bad to go out that quickly.

Sound of Music
"The Hills are alive ..." in Steve Young's "favorite" movie.
9. We've seen some websites that say your favorite movie is "The Outlaw Josey Wales." True?
Young: That's a good one, a great guys' movie. But it's not my favorite.

9a. Is there a reason you are, at this moment, keeping your favorite movie from us?
Young: Yes. It's "The Sound of Music."

For one day at least, Young's zip code was "90210."
10. You were on '90210.'
Young: Yeah. Do you have a problem with that? What's your question?

10a. Anything good happen on the set?
Young: Definitely. The day we taped the episode was the day the O.J. verdict came out. So, we're out in the front yard, and they told us the verdict. The girls on the show got so upset that we couldn't tape anymore. That was it. End of the day.

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