Scoring Summary


1stC Patterson singled to right, B Roberts scored, C Patterson to second on throwing error by right fielder N Cruz.01
3rdN Markakis hit a ground rule double to deep left center, B Roberts scored.02
3rdM Tejada singled to right, N Markakis scored, M Tejada to second advancing on throw.03
4thJ Saltalamacchia singled to center, M Byrd and J Botts scored, D Murphy to second.23
4thR Vazquez homered to right, D Murphy and J Saltalamacchia scored.53
6thJ Saltalamacchia homered to left center.63
6thM Byrd homered to left, F Catalanotto, I Kinsler and M Young scored.103
6thJ Saltalamacchia singled to left, N Cruz scored, D Murphy to second.113
6thR Vazquez singled to left center, D Murphy scored, J Saltalamacchia to second.123
6thF Catalanotto singled to left, J Saltalamacchia scored, R Vazquez to second.133
6thI Kinsler singled to center, R Vazquez scored, F Catalanotto to third.143
8thF Catalanotto singled to right, D Murphy scored, J Saltalamacchia to third, R Vazquez to second.153
8thI Kinsler singled to left, J Saltalamacchia scored, R Vazquez to third, F Catalanotto to second.163
8thT Metcalf homered to left, R Vazquez, F Catalanotto and I Kinsler scored.203
8thD Murphy singled to right, M Byrd scored, N Cruz to third.213
8thJ Saltalamacchia homered to right center, N Cruz and D Murphy scored.243
9thJ Botts doubled to deep right, I Kinsler and T Metcalf scored, M Byrd to third.263
9thD Murphy reached on infield single to second, M Byrd scored, J Botts to third.273
9thR Vazquez homered to right, J Botts and D Murphy scored.303
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