Scoring Summary


1stKemp homered to right (353 feet).10
4thChapman homered to center (415 feet).20
4thUrshela singled to center, Judge scored, Stanton to third.21
5thOlson singled to left center, Andrus scored and Canha scored, Kemp to third.41
6thSánchez homered to left (416 feet).42
7thJudge singled to center, Frazier scored.43
7thStanton singled to right, Judge scored, Sánchez to second.44
8thUrshela homered to center (424 feet).45
8thLeMahieu singled to left, Wade scored and Frazier scored.47
9thLaureano singled to right, Canha scored, Olson to second.57
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