Scoring Summary


1stLa Stella homered to right (372 feet).10
1stMachado homered to left (423 feet).11
2ndTatis Jr. singled to right, Grisham scored, Tatis Jr. to second, Musgrove to third.12
3rdMachado homered to left (412 feet).13
3rdPham homered to left (394 feet).14
5thFlores singled to left, Longoria scored, Yastrzemski to second.24
5thPosey hit sacrifice fly to center, Yastrzemski scored.34
6thCrawford doubled to left, Bryant scored.44
6thYastrzemski hit sacrifice fly to right, Crawford scored.54
6thNola homered to left (363 feet).55
9thWade Jr. singled to left center, Belt scored, Posey to second.65
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