100-53, 50-30 away
79-72, 44-33 home

Scoring Summary

3rdAltuve homered to center (405 feet), Dubón scored.20
4thOdor singled to shallow right center, Rutschman scored and Urías scored, Hays to third.22
4thMateo grounded out to pitcher, Hays scored, Odor to second.23
4thMullins homered to right (349 feet), Odor scored.25
5thPeña doubled to center, McCormick scored and Maldonado scored, Altuve to third.45
5thAlvarez singled to left, Altuve scored, Peña to third.55
5thBregman hit sacrifice fly to right, Peña scored, Alvarez to second.65
5thSantander homered to center (418 feet).66
6thMountcastle singled to right, Mateo scored, Chirinos to second.67
8thGurriel doubled to left, Alvarez scored.77
8thSantander homered to right (421 feet), Mountcastle scored.79
9thBregman grounded into fielder's choice to third, Vázquez scored, Alvarez out at second, Altuve to third.89
9thTucker doubled to deep right, Altuve scored, Bregman to third.99
9thGurriel singled to right, Bregman scored and Tucker scored.119
9thOdor homered to right (404 feet).1110