Scoring Summary

1stBogaerts singled to right, Schwarber scored, Hernández to third.10
1stVerdugo singled to center, Hernández scored, Bogaerts to second.20
1stDíaz singled to right, Arozarena scored, Cruz to second, Franco to third.21
1stLuplow homered to left (387 feet), Franco scored, Cruz scored and Díaz scored.25
3rdBogaerts homered to left (398 feet).35
3rdVerdugo homered to right (377 feet).45
5thHernández homered to left (393 feet).55
5thMartinez homered to center (412 feet), Devers scored and Bogaerts scored.85
6thChoi homered to left (385 feet).86
7thVázquez singled to right, Verdugo scored.96
8thDevers homered to center (425 feet), Hernández scored.116
9thVázquez reached on infield single to shortstop, Santana scored, Renfroe to second.126
9thHernández singled to right center, Renfroe scored and Vázquez scored.146