Scoring Summary


2ndBohm singled to right center, Harper scored, Bohm safe at second on throwing error by right fielder Soto, Castellanos safe at third.10
2ndVierling doubled to deep right, Castellanos scored, Bohm to third.20
2ndSosa singled to left center, Bohm scored, Vierling to third.30
2ndSchwarber grounded out to first, Vierling scored, Sosa to second.40
2ndDrury homered to left (348 feet).41
2ndBell homered to right (424 feet).42
5thNola singled to right, Kim scored.43
5thSoto doubled to deep right, Nola scored, Profar to third.44
5thDrury singled to center, Profar scored and Soto scored, Cronenworth to third.46
5thBell singled to right, Cronenworth scored, Drury to third.47
7thMachado homered to center (424 feet).48
8thHoskins homered to left (409 feet).58
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