Scoring Summary


1stGarcía homered to left center (385 feet), Semien scored.02
2ndHuff homered to left (430 feet), Grossman scored.04
3rdSolano homered to left (403 feet).14
4thJeffers singled to left, Luplow scored, Farmer to second.24
4thTaylor doubled to left, Farmer scored and Jeffers scored, Wallner to third.44
4thSolano singled to left, Wallner scored and Taylor scored.64
4thTaveras singled to center, Garver scored, Martinez to third.65
8thGrossman hit sacrifice fly to center, Lowe scored, García to third.66
10thCorrea singled to center, Polanco scored, Lewis to second.76
10thKepler singled to right, Lewis scored, Correa to third.86
10thJeffers hit sacrifice fly to left, Correa scored.96
10thHeim singled to left, Seager scored.97
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