Scoring Summary


1stLewis singled to left, Julien scored.10
1stJiménez homered to left center (411 feet), Anderson scored.12
1stSheets homered to right (359 feet), Moncada scored and Vaughn scored.15
7thAnderson doubled to left, Andrus scored.16
7thBenintendi singled to center, Anderson scored.17
8thPolanco scored on Santos wild pitch, Kepler to second on wild pitch by Santos, Lewis to third on wild pitch by Santos.27
8thCorrea reached on infield single to second, Lewis scored, Kepler to third.37
8thFarmer grounded out to third, Kepler scored, Correa to second.47
8thCorrea scored on error, Wallner safe at first on fielding error by first baseman Vaughn.57
9thFarmer walked, Polanco scored, Correa to second, Stevenson to third.67
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