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We Have A Winner!

Sports fans
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Sports fans should stand up and applaud for Andy and Jason.
Andy Marx of Cincinnati, Ohio and Jason Haling of Duluth, Minnesota are our two Fan Feast winners. Both wrote essays detailing their sports dreams and we're going to fulfill them. Marx is an avid golfer who attempts to play as much as possible with his 70-year old father who introduced him to the game. His dream is to play Pebble Beach. Our other winner had a difficult childhood and one of his few respites was listening to and watching Yankees' games. His dream is to watch the Yankees play in the Bronx with other Yankees' fans.
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Kenny's Winner

Jason Haling

My ultimate sports dream would to watch a Yankee game in Yankee Stadium. I've had this dream since I became a Yankee fan in 1983. My mother was in a bad relationship and our step-father was abusive. The Yankees, especially watching Don Mattingly, helped me to keep striving forward. They showed me teamwork when no one else did. To see Yankee Stadium and experience all the traditions that surround it would be a dream come true.

Mike's Winner

Andy Marx

As my father turns 70, I try to take every opportunity to spend time with him. We were not always close, but we have grown to be great friends in recent years. To golf at Pebble Beach, our dream course, would be the greatest gift I could give my father.