Bubba Watson's Drive Distance

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Bomb It Like Bubba

By John Dorsey

Admit it. When you watch Bubba Watson step up to the tee and launch one of his long-range bombs down the fairway, you' re more than just a little bit envious. Who wouldn't be? This young gun of the PGA Tour currently has a drive distance average of a whopping 309 yards, more than 20 yards longer than the tour average.

Unfortunately, very few of us possess Watson's natural talent or the ability to replicate his technique and mechanics to consistently hit a golf ball over 300 yards. But according to Craig Friedman, performance innovation team director at Athletes' Performance and Core Performance, there are things each of us can do to help add distance and power to our drives.

"The No. 1 thing is understanding the concept of kinetic linking," says Friedman. "Any kind of rotational power — whether it is a golf swing, baseball swing, or shooting a hockey puck — originates from the hips. That power is then transferred through your body in what's called the kinetic chain."

As you start to uncoil in the downswing, leading with your hips, you begin the chain reaction, unleashing the power from the hips up through your torso, shoulders and arms, ultimately sending it through the club and into the ball at the point of contact. The key, according to Friedman, is to harness all the power and deliver it efficiently. That's where core mobility and stability training comes in.

"For us, the first thing is working on mobility in the hips so that you can effectively use them as the trigger to initiate the downswing. We also work on stability through the torso so you can handle and contain the power so it can be transferred up the chain efficiently."

The Workout

Friedman has designed a workout for ESPN.com that specifically focuses on core mobility and stability. The workout is divided into four sections: pillar preparation, movement preparation, power and regeneration. Incorporate this workout into your regular fitness schedule and you will not only improve your drive distance and power, but will also lessen your risk of injury.

For more ways to improve your golf game, visit www.coreperformance.com/golf.