It's Leap Year for Travis Pastrana

Fri, Jan 1

He did it.

And he made it look so easy.

A few minutes after the clock struck 2010 (on the East Coast, that is), Travis Pastrana jumped his Subaru Impreza 269 feet, smashing the previous record of 171 feet set by DC Shoes co-founder Ken Block in November 2006.

And, just for added flair, he did it under the first New Year's Eve blue moon in 19 years and in front of a live television audience. Then he landed on a barge floating 200 feet off the Long Beach pier, slammed into the tire wall and jumped out of the car to celebrate with the tens of thousands of folks lining the pier.

Then, reminiscent of his 1999 jump into the San Francisco Bay, he backflipped off the pier and into the chilly water below. But he's come a long way from having his gold medal and prize winnings stripped for that stunt. "Yep," he says. "A long way."

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