Nets + Clippers = "Jersey Shore" in the house!

Tue, Jan 26

Do you need a good reason to see the New Jersey Nets play the Los Angeles Clippers on Wednesday in New Jersey? Of course you do -- because the Nets are historically awful and the Clippers remain the Clippers.

Well, minus some run-of-the-mill enticements -- free tickets, a skybox from which to watch the game, free food, free alcohol, limousine service to and from the game -- perhaps you'd be willing to settle for a more Jersey-like enticement: The opportunity to see a game that will also be attended by cast members of MTV's breakout hit "Jersey Shore."

Yup, that's the situation offered by the Nets for their tilt against the Clippers: A $40 ticket for just $5 -- with the opportunity to be in the same building -- at the same time! -- as Snooki, J-Woww, Paulie D and "The Situation."

Run, don't walk, because tickets through this offer are reportedly limited.