Diego Maradona's toilet seat evokes other freebies

Wed, May 26

Maybe you've heard: Argentina World Cup coach Diego Maradona reportedly requested that two high-tech toilets (heated seats, two bidet wands, built-in blow-drier) costing $450 each be installed in his personal suite in South Africa.

To which Page 2 wonders: that's it?

No $50,000 office bathroom overhaul, like the one given to Stanford football coach Jim Harbaugh? No towels made from the fur of Arctic wolves' noses, like the rugs at Wilt Chamberlain's old house?

Maradona isn't even trying.

After all, the Argentine coach isn't just a coach. He's a star. And stars live different than you and me. Largely via ridiculous perks. Barry Bonds received four lockers while playing for the San Francisco Giants. Van Halen famously demanded backstage M&M's -- but no brown ones.

With that in mind, see if you can match the perk to the star in our match game below :