Ivy League could become media mega-colossus

Wed, Jun 16

Bigger than the Big Ten. More super than the Pac- 10 11 16 whatever. A media market Megatron to crush all comers in college sports -- so potentially powerful and lucrative it wouldn't even need the University of Texas. While current BCS schools have been scrambling and jockeying for television dollars, safe realignment harbor and the very future of college sports, there's another conference poised to lead the way, a sleeping giant that could expand into the mas macho of them all.

I'm referring, of course, to the Ivy League.

New York City. Boston. Philadelphia. Right now, the Ivies have three of the nation's top 10 television markets locked up. Why not expand ... and go for the kill? After all, market-access-for-network-megabucks is the raison d'être of 21st-century college sports. With a few bold moves, the Ivy League could grow to a 20-team, coast-to-coast superconference -- and keep its lofty academic standards intact, to boot. (As for the football? Secondary concern. With all the TV cash they'll rake in, the Ivies can just buy themselves top-ranked programs -- the way the big boys already do -- and leave their precious school endowments untouched).Below, a modestly proposed Super Ivy league: