Page 2 needs your help: Who created Mr. Met?

Thu, Jun 17

After covering athletics aesthetics for more than a decade, one of the most surprising things I've found is that teams and leagues often have no idea who designed their uniforms and logos, which makes it hard to learn the stories behind how those designs were created.

Mr. Met
Al Messerschmidt/

I've tried to remedy this when possible, like when I helped sort out the question of who designed the MLB silhouetted batter logo a few years ago. More recently I interviewed Joe Petruccio, who designed the Mets' 1980s uniform, and just last week I was able to track down Bruce Claypool, who designed the Bengals' striped helmet.

At the moment, though, there's a design mystery I haven't been able to solve: Who created Mr. Met?

I'm not talking about the live Mr. Met mascot, who first appeared at Shea Stadium in 1964. I'm referring to the cartoon character, who debuted on the team's scorecard and yearbook covers in 1963. He's appeared in many iconic poses over the years and remains a part of the team's branding program today. Yet nobody I've spoken with -- including the Mets' PR office, which clearly needs to keep better records -- has any idea who created him.

This will not do. With Father's Day right around the corner, we need to find Mr. Met's dad. If you have any insights or leads regarding the illustrator who designed him, please give me a shout, pronto. Thanks.