Golden State Warriors unveil throwback logo

Thu, Jun 17

The Golden State Warriors have had lots of jersey logos over the years, but everyone knows which one was the coolest: The one with the bridge and the uniform number inside the circle. Wouldn't it be great if they went back to that design motif, instead of that lame-o guy with the lightning bolt?

Golden State Warriors
Golden State Warriors

Good news: That's just what they're doing -- sort of.

The Warriors have just unveiled a new logo featuring the Bay Bridge, and it's a huge upgrade. Yeah, the typeface isn't ideal (Copperplate Gothic is sooooo early 1990s, guys), and the top of the bridge tower would look a lot better if they cleaned it up a bit, but those are minor quibbles. The logo is a swell design, and a great connection with the team's heritage. And look, they're putting the uni numbers inside the circle with the bridge, just like they did in the old days. How cool is that?

And here's something you might overlook: Unlike most of the other NBA team logos, the Warriors' new mark does not include a depiction of a basketball, which breaks one of the NBA's unwritten branding rules -- astonishing! But just when you thought the world might spin off its axis, it turns out that the ball does appear in some of the team's new secondary logos. Phew.