Herschel Walker thinking about public office

Wed, Oct 20

Never doubt Herschel Walker.

Overweight and having a speech impediment as a child, the 48-year-old Walker overcame that to win a Heisman Trophy at the University of Georgia, get inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame, play 14 years of pro football, become a fifth-degree black belt in tae kwon do, compete in the 1992 Winter Olympics in two-man bobsled and even win his first mixed martial arts fight in January.

What's next?

"I might run for public office. We need to take back this country," said Walker, who stopped by ESPN's offices in Bristol, Conn., Wednesday to promote his MMA fight Dec. 4 in St. Louis. "I'm not talking about running for mayor of my hometown of Wrightsville, Ga., but a bigger public office."

Senate? President? No doubt, with his popularity in his home state of Georgia, he could make a run.

"Our problem in the United States is we always blame the president for our problems. We never blame ourselves," said Walker, who splits time in Georgia and Dallas, to be near his 11-year-old son. "We have to take responsibility for our actions and stop making excuses. People think you can just pray to make things happen. But you have to get up and do something."

That's all Walker has been doing since he was a kid. He sets goals and accomplishes them. Next up is training for his fight in December. Walker won his debut in January, beating Greg Nagy via TKO at Strikeforce: Miami.

"When I was a kid, people would always tell me that I couldn't do something. And I continue to prove them wrong," said Walker, who founded Renaissance Man Food Services, a 100-person meat processing company. "Who's to say that I couldn't come back at age 50 and play football? I could be the George Foreman of the NFL. I know I can come back and play this game."

Never doubt Herschel Walker.