Wiz Khalifa praises Pitt with 'Black and Yellow'

Fri, Dec 10

Few colors are as emblematic of a city as black and yellow are for Pittsburgh. The Penguins, Pirates and Steelers all don the same hues on their respective jerseys, uniting the town through a constant image. Black and yellow define Pittsburgh sports, just like sports define Pittsburgh.

So when Wiz Khalifa, one of the only rappers hailing from the Steel City, had the opportunity to write a song glorifying his home town, he jumped at it. "Black and Yellow," the latest single of the emerging rap star, is rapidly developing into an anthem for the city in which he was born and raised.

"It's for the city of Pittsburgh," Khalifa, 23, said. "I'm from Pittsburgh, got that hometown pride so it's good to represent. It's not just for the Steelers, it's for the Pirates and the Penguins and everything Pittsburgh. There's nowhere like Pittsburgh."

"I wasn't hell-bent on making an anthem," he said. "The fact that it's out there with those other songs, passed down through Pittsburgh history, is great. It's another great one that stands up there with them."

So far, the song has been a hit. It currently sits at No. 14 on the latest Billboard Hot 100, 10th in R&B/Hip-Hop and fifth in rap songs. The "Black and Yellow" music video on YouTube, in which Khalifa sports more than one Pirates hat, has over 11 million views.

"You don't necessarily need an anthem, but it's good for us, for Pittsburgh, just to keep that pride going," Khalifa said. "Me being new to music and the Steelers being the stamp that everyone knows about in Pittsburgh, it's just promoting the same things: music, sports and pride."