Vince Vaughn talks 'Dilemma' vs. 'Green Hornet'

Wed, Jan 12

Vince Vaughn, star of the new movie "The Dilemma," said this is an actual conversation in the film, which opens Friday:

"If Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose found out that Joakim Noah's girlfriend was cheating on him, should Rose tell him?"

"Is it the regular season or the playoffs?"

"It's Game 7 of the NBA Finals."

"You have to wait until after the game."

That's basically the premise of the movie directed by Ron Howard and starring Vaughn and Kevin James. Filmed entirely in Chicago, Vaughn and James are best friends and Vaughn sees James' wife kissing another man and Vaughn must decide whether to tell him before James makes a big presentation.

This isn't Vaughn's first foray into movies with sports ties. The high school wrestler and football player, who grew up in Minnesota but spent a lot of years in Illinois, was in "Rudy," "Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story", "Old School" and even had some football scenes in "Wedding Crashers."

Page 2 tried to make the most of a few minutes:

The wife has to choose between Kevin James and hunky Channing Tatum? No contest!

Hey, I know Channing is a dreamboat. But looks can't last forever. James' character is a special guy.

You're married to Jennifer Connelly in the movie and you previously dated Jennifer Aniston. Pick one.

I can't do that. You know that. But both are easy to look at.

Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson or Kevin James?

Kevin is one of my favorite guys. He reminds me of John Candy. You really want to root for him. He's like Mean Joe Greene at the end of that Coke commercial where he tosses his shirt at that kid.

Would you rather be shorter or thinner?

You have a genie in a bottle? Be happy with what you have. That's what I tell Kevin James in the movie. You know he's lost some weight? He has all these mixed martial arts trainers around the set. He's doing his next movie about the UFC.

Big weekend with "The Dilemma" vs. "The Green Hornet". Who will win?

I don't think we're competing for the same audience. That's an action film. Our film is about personal relationships. I know this movie is funny and has some twists and it's original. I know that the audiences have responded well to it. I think there is room for both.