Five things Page 2 hopes to see at the NBA draft

Thu, Jun 23

The NBA draft is Thursday night, so Page 2 shares the top five things we dream of seeing during the festivities in Newark, N.J.

• Newly hired Raptors coach Dwane Casey, still somewhat unfamiliar with the draft process, attempts to secure the rights to Kyrie Irving by having an envelope full of cash delivered to his father.

• Knicks consultant Isiah Thomas persuades owner James Dolan to send the No. 17 pick to San Antonio in exchange for negotiating rights to Eva Longoria.

• Washington State guard Klay Thompson is nowhere to be found when Sacramento selects him at No. 7 as he searches for his missing iPod.

• Kansas forward Marcus Morris, uninterested in joining the Bobcats after being picked ninth, sends Ozzie Canseco to the stage in his place in an attempt to dupe the team.

• Jimmer Fredette dressed like this.