New Miami Marlins logo latest uniform leak

Wed, Sep 21

The folks at the MLB and NHL league offices are probably in DEFCON 1 mode this week, because all sorts of uniform and logo designs have been leaking.

Marlins Logo

Uni Watch has confirmed this to be the Miami Marlins' new logo.

The latest security breach came last night, when the Marlins' new 2012 logo began circulating. At first it wasn't clear whether it was legit or just some Photoshopper's concept, but Uni Watch has confirmed that it is in fact the real deal. This is what the team will be wearing next year when it's rebranded as the Miami Marlins.

This follows two NHL leaks in the past few days. First, an inadvertent shipment of jerseys by Reebok led to the Senators' new third jerseys being displayed at a retail shop, several weeks before the design was supposed to be unveiled. And then a similar snafu led to a premature disclosure of the Maple Leafs' third jersey.

A conspiracy theorist cynic might suggest that these "inadvertent" leaks were actually done intentionally, to drum up a bit of chatter in the Twittersphere. But nobody reading (or writing) this could possibly be that cynical, could they?