McKagan: Nothing left to lose in fantasy football

Wed, Oct 26

This is my third year playing in's Alice In Chains & Friends Fantasy Football Charity League. I am by no way a "stats guy," and thus, my first year was so-so and I only half-heartedly played. I hoped to luck into a win from time to time.

By year two, Jerry Cantrell, lead guitar player of Alice in Chains and league watchdog, pretty much demanded that I get my "head in the game over here" and learn a thing or two about how to draft, and to "play my own guys, dammit." (My nephew -- a 14-year-old at the time -- was pretty much playing my team for me. Hey, I had a better chance of winning with the young Andrew McKagan at the helm.)

I ended up in Jerry's living room for that second-year draft, and actually learned a ton, had a great draft, had fun and learned just how to "play my own guys, dammit." I came pretty darn close to winning it all last year, too.

By the time this season's draft came along, I was fairly confident. And when newcomer Sean Kinney's "Team Nosering" drafted a kicker in the second round, I felt confident that I was rising in the ranks, would be a sage old-schooler in our league and really start to dominate things around here with my draft choices.

I lost the first game of the season, and had the same result the next week. When I lost again in Week 3, I started to think of which players I could trade for other players. No one of seeming relevance was available. Week 5, I was 0-for-5. By Week 6, yep … still winless.

A fantasy football guru from a famous sports-radio show then suggested that I just trade my whole team. "What have you got to lose?" he said to me. He was absolutely right, and I put my whole team on the block.

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