Did Islanders unveil worst hockey uniform ever?

Thu, Nov 17

Yesterday was a weird day for New York-area uniforms. In the morning, the Mets finally ditched all the black elements from their unis, restored all the blue, and basically got everything right. And then in the evening, the Islanders -- well, see for yourself:

New York IslandersNew York Islanders

That's the Islanders' new alternate uniform. It's like all of the Mets' bad uni karma was jettisoned and then deposited right on the Isles' doorstep. Perhaps there's some sort of Conservation of Ugly Black Uniform Energy law that physicists have yet to identify? If so, this would be Exhibit A. (You can see additional photos of the Isles' new threads here.)

So where does the Isles' new look rank in the pantheon of bad hockey uniforms? I'd say it isn't quite as bad as the Kings' infamous Burger King jersey (the full story behind that one is available here), but it's worse than the Mighty Ducks' equally storied Wild Wing design, which at least tried be fun. The Isles' look isn't fun or classy or badass or any of the other good things that a uniform design can be -- it's just ridiculous. Truly one for the ages.

And there you have it -- on a day when the Mets hit a home run, the Islanders put the puck in their own net.