Peyton Hillis throws his support toward candidate

Sat, Dec 3

… and Peyton Hillis' weird year continues.

First came the Madden cover for the bruising Cleveland Browns tailback. Then the curse, and its fallout: Contract questions; a bizarre strep-throat controversy in which is agent advised him to sit out a game; a long struggle with injury; reports of an intervention from teammates; and the overall question: Are the Browns done with him?

Now this, per The Plain Dealer: At the behest of Tony Pashos -- Hillis' teammate and fervent supporter of Republican Congressman Ron Paul's 2012 presidential candidacy -- Hillis plastered pro-Paul paraphernalia all over himself during Thursday's media session.

This isn't to mock Paul. We try not to get political here at Page 2. It's just … not something you see in most NFL backfields. Even during debate season.

Then again, it does bring a new meaning to the term "running mate."