Page 2 tracks guys who screamed at Tiger Woods

Wed, Dec 7


That's what was shouted shortly after Tiger's tee shot on the 18th hole Sunday, just minutes before Woods made birdie to win his first tournament in more than two years.

The Internet noticed; "mashed potatoes" quickly began trending after the TV feed clearly picked up the cheer. NBC commentator Roger Maltbie heard it, too, remarking on the telecast, "Did somebody scream mashed potatoes?"

Now we know the identity of that somebody. Actually, somebodies: Graduated Pepperdine golfer Andrew Widmar, plus ex-teammates Andreas Adler and Parker Page (still playing on the nearby campus).

Page 2 caught up with Widmar, the man behind the plan, who didn't exactly get his inspiration from the Thanksgiving dinner table.

"I wish I could take credit," Widmar said, but really it came from previous (but not as widely noticed) instances, with Dustin Johnson, Rickie Fowler and Tiger himself all having been mashed potatoed at tournaments.

So after seeing the YouTube clips in the summer, Widmar decided to do it himself -- but only at the right time.

Enter Tiger, tied for the lead, on hole No. 72. Doesn't get much bigger.

"I figured there'd be plenty of viewers to appreciate it," Widmar said.

The three weren't alone at 18; Widmar's girlfriend, Laurencia Duran, was filming (see above). But strangely, she didn't want to join in.

"I think you can actually hear her in the video saying 'you guys are idiots' or something like that," Widmar said (note: you can definitely hear something).

Any thoughts on changing the cheer?

"No, mashed potatoes was the move at first," Widmar said. "And then we figured: If he comes back, and we've got a playoff with him and Zach [Johnson], we're going to do, like, 'baked potatoes' on the tee shot.

"… but I guess he had inspiration enough to go ahead and actually make his little 8-footer for the win. So our job was done."

That's right. Widmar won't take credit for creating "mashed potatoes." But the victory? That's the gravy.

Said Widmar: "I'll take all the credit for Tiger winning."