A New York Yankees fan at funeral of Kim Jong-il?

Thu, Dec 29

By now you've probably seen all the people in North Korea crying over the death of Kim Jong-il. But amidst all the sobbing and somber reminiscences, there's something you might have missed. To see what it is, skip ahead to to 5:04 and 6:47 marks of the video shown above.

That's right: A little boy attended the funeral procession in a Yankees hat. That's even crazier than when a guy wearing a Yankees cap captured Moammar Gadhafi two months ago.

Even for a lifelong Yankees-hater like myself, you've got to hand it to the Bronx Bombers, whose brand can apparently penetrate even the most remote corners of the globe. At this point, would anyone be surprised to learn that there are Yankees caps floating around in Siberia? On Bouvet Island? On the moon?

Two questions remain: First, is that little boy going to be punished for his flagrant display of Western iconography? And second, how long before the Red Sox open up a pro shop in South Korea?